MERGER - Workers' Federal Credit Union

Welcome Workers' Federal Credit Union members!

Through a planned merger, Workers’ Federal Credit Union (WFCU) members will become Hartford Federal Credit Union (HFCU) members. WELCOME! We are excited about being your financial institution and introducing you to all of HFCU's products and services. To help you with the transition to HFCU, we mailed you a large packet with a Merger Guide in early February. Below is some crucial information with important dates and helpful instructions that were included in the packet. Be sure to check back here regularly for updates.

If you have any questions, please contact a Member Service Representative at 860·527·6663 or via email at

On Friday, March 2 WFCU members will be able to start taking advantage of HFCU's full menu of products and services and access account information as a HFCU member. As a HFCU member, you may complete most transactions via any of the following channels:

  • Six full service HFCU branches, including the current WFCU branch
  • More than 48 branches in CT through CO-OP Shared Branch network and over 5,600 nationwide
  • Online banking and mobile banking
  • Passport, our automated telephone banking system

Important Dates and Information

Account Numbers

Your new HFCU account number will be a 6-digit number created by adding 500000 to your existing WFCU account number. For example:

WFCU account #  + 500000 = HFCU account #

If your WFCU # is: 123, your HFCU # will be: 500123

To access your account following the merger, please use the HFCU account number.

Savings Accounts
HFCU membership requires a minimum $50 balance in your main share savings account. Members with a balance of less than $50 have until August 31, 2018 to raise their balance to that level.

Checking Accounts
With the merger, your checking account will change as well. Your account will be converted to our NO-FEE Classic Checking. For those WFCU members who participate in the ID Theft Program, this will eliminate the $3.95 monthly fee and your enrollment in the ID Theft Program.

Initially, WFCU checks may continue to be used and will clear through your HFCU account. However, as of May 31, 2018, WFCU checks will no longer be accepted and members must use HFCU checks. As a courtesy, we will provide a free box of standard checks to each member with an existing WFCU checking account. Contact a HFCU Member Service Representative after March 2 to order your free box.

HSA Accounts
HFCU does not offer Healthcare Savings Accounts. If you currently have this type of account with WFCU, please make sure you transfer the funds to another institution as detailed in a prior notification from WFCU.

Debit Cards
You may continue to use your WFCU debit card until February 27.  A HFCU debit card will be mailed to you the week of February 12 with the PIN sent in a separate mailer. Do not activate your new card until March 1.  On March 1 there will be a temporary limit on debit card transactions of $500 per day. The $2,500 daily limit will resume on March 2.

HFCU is a member of the SUM and CO-OP surcharge-free ATM networks.  Members using ATM machines that display the SUM and/or CO-OP logos will not incur a surcharge. Click on logos below for SUM and CO-OP locators.


Visa Credit Card
New HFCU Visa cards will be issued later in the year. Please continue to use your current WFCU Visa card until you receive further information on the new card.

Automated Deposits and Withdrawals
As of March 2 direct deposit of your paycheck will redirect to your HFCU account automatically. To ensure ongoing deposits are credited to your account properly, please provide HFCU’s routing number to your employer and any other payer that makes automatic deposits to your account. ROUTING # 2119-7752-4

Automatic withdrawals that you have previously set up to debit from your account will continue temporarily. To ensure the debits occur in a timely manner, please provide your account number and HFCU’s routing number to all payees that are authorized to debit your account. ROUTING # 2119-7752-4

CO-OP Shared Branch Network - new service available to you
Through the CO-OP Shared Branch network, you may access your accounts and complete most traditional transactions at more than 48 credit union branches throughout Connecticut and over 5,600 across the country. Click on button below for the Shared Branch locator.

Online Banking
HFCU’s online banking allows you to conduct your credit union business over the internet securely, efficiently, and at anytime. With HFCU’s online banking you may:

  • monitor account activity
  • view detailed account history
  • transfer funds between HFCU accounts
  • verify deposits
  • pay your HFCU loans
  • determine if a check has cleared
  • view check images
  • pay bills

Online Banking Login Instructions
As a new HFCU member, your account has been preset for online banking. On March 2 you may start utilizing this service by visitng HFCU's home page at and entering your temporary credentials into the online banking box. You do not need to enroll, but the 1st time you access online banking, you do need to access it from a desktop computer. 

Temporary credentials:
USERNAME: HFCU account number
PASSWORD:  first four letters of your last name and last two digits of your social security #

You will be prompted to reset your password once in online banking.

Mobile Banking - new service available to you
Like online banking, mobile banking allows internet access to your HFCU account, 24-hours-a-day, but with the added convenience of using your mobile device. HFCU’s mobile banking allows you to securely and efficiently:

  • monitor account activity
  • view detailed account history
  • transfer funds between HFCU accounts
  • deposit checks remotely (requires separate registration)
  • verify deposits
  • receive text alerts
  • pay bills
  • view current rates

Mobile Banking Login Instructions
Mobile banking requires members to have an active online banking account. If you are already an online banking user, download HFCU's FREE* mobile banking Apple® or Android™ app on your device, or select “Mobile Banking Login” at for the mobile browser site. Once in the app or browser, access your account information by logging in with the identical username and password you have established for online banking.

First time users will be prompted to follow a few easy steps to complete the multi-factor authentication process for the device.

For members not yet using online banking, you must activate that first, then follow the steps above to access mobile banking.


*Check with your mobile service provider for any charges that may apply for data usage on your mobile device.

Bill Payer Service
This service allows you to make payments via online and mobile banking, to anyone in the United States, from a health club, to a utility, to a friend. Payments are made directly from your HFCU checking account. To sign up, log in to online banking and select the Bill Payer option. Complete the required information, and once approved, you will receive an email notification informing you to begin using our Bill Payer service. Once payees have been set up, you may pay bills with your mobile device as well.

Passport Automated Telephone Teller
Passport is a service that enables you to access your accounts using your telephone, when it is convenient for you. With this service you may securely and efficiently:

  • obtain balances on share and loan accounts
  • transfer funds between HFCU accounts
  • verify withdrawals and deposits
  • pay your HFCU loans
  • determine if your check has cleared
  • check current rates

Passport Automated Telephone Teller Instructions
As a new HFCU member, your account has been preset for Passport. To start utilizing the service:

  • Dial 860·956·HFCU (4328)
  • Select how you will navigate the system (voice or touch tone, English or Spanish).
  • Enter your HFCU account number and 4 digit PIN to access your account. For first time users, the PIN is the last 4-digits of the primary account holder’s social security number. Option #3 in Passport allows you to change your PIN.
  • Easy-to-follow voice prompts will guide you through your session.

HFCU provides FREE e-Statements. Sign up to receive your statements electronically and enjoy the convenience of receiving them quicker, while protecting statements from being lost or stolen in the mail.

E-Statements can be accessed from within online banking. Simply log in to online banking on HFCU's home page at, select the e-Statement tab and follow the steps.

If you're not accessing your accounts through online banking, visit the e-Statement page under ‘Services’ and click on the REGISTER button.

Paper Statements
As a courtesy, for members who are currently receiving paper statements, HFCU will provide complimentary paper statements for March and April. Beginning with the May statements, we will apply HFCU’s paper statement fee of $1 per month. To avoid the fee, sign up for HFCU’s  e-Statement service. This fee is waived for members under age 18 and over 64 years of age.

Thank you
Thank you for your patience throughout the course of the merger. If you need assistance at any point, please feel free to contact a Member Service Representative at 860·527·6663 or via email at We hope you take advantage of this great opportunity to utilize the new products and services made available to you as a HFCU member.