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24-hour Passport Automated Phone System:

860∙956∙HFCU (4328)

Activate Your New HFCU MasterMoney Debit Card:

To activate your new HFCU Debit Card, please call 800·992·3808.

Lost or Stolen MasterMoney Debit Card:

To report your HFCU Debit Card Lost or Stolen, please call 833·337·6075.

Lost or Stolen VISA Credit Card:

To report your HFCU Visa Credit Card lost or stolen, please call 866·604·0381.

Management Team

Edward Danek, Jr.
President & CEO

Beth Mazza
Executive Vice President
860·527·6663, ext. 207

Emily Harriman
Vice President
Marketing & Business Development
860·527·6663, ext. 201

Stacey Marsh
Assistant Vice President
860·527·6663, ext. 204

Taylor Carlson
Assistant Vice President
Compliance & Loss Mitigation
860·527·6663, ext. 228

Stephen Foy
Assistant Vice President
Branch Operations
860·527·6663, ext. 224

Racquel Pelow
Lending Manager
860·527·6663, ext. 215

Jacob Bohr
IT Manager
860·527·6663, ext. 213

Ruth LaVoice
Stafford Branch Manager
860·684·4484, ext. 107

Amy Mack
South Windsor Branch Manager
860·644·0200, ext. 413

Ilma Riccucci
Farmington Valley Branch Manager
860·651·1400, ext. 310
Kaydia Stewart
Main Office Branch Manager
860·527·6663, ext. 232